scale up Mentor application

We are delighted that you are planning to apply to become a scale up Mentor!
Applications will be assessed by the international team, so most of the process will be in English.
Therefore please fill the form in English, after that this is how the process will look like:

  1. A personal video call
    to get to know each other
  2. In-depth conversation on core values
    to see if we are a good fit
  3. Reiss profiling
    to see if you have all the necessary skills
  4. Dive into the economic model
    for you to see why it’s worth it
  5. Contract signing

If we both decide to work together, you can expect:

  1. 2 months Masterclass peek-in in Hungary
  2. 3 months online training
  3. a week of personal training in Germany
  4. exams in English and in Hungarian
  5. dry run in Hungarian
  6. one year mentoring by a scale up senior mentor